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If you’re visiting our site for the first time, chances are you’re ready to finally get in shape. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed our training system to easily make fitness a part of your life – not just an occasional pit stop. We do this with our training methodology – a hybrid of many traditional training techniques that produce the best results!  At Positive Fitness, we program your workouts, instruct movements, scale the workout if necessary, offer nutritional support   and are committed to each client every time you walk in the door.

What We Offer

Interested in what Positive Fitness has to offer but are a little intimidated by the workouts or working with a group of strangers? This is a common feeling and perfectly natural but I want to tell you that there is no other facility that will welcome ALL (especially those in need of some confidence) like we do. We want the chance to show you what a supportive yet off the wall fun fitness experience can do for you. We have tough, result driven workouts but we are also the best place to make a workout fun, make friends, and belong to something meaningful. A Tribe of your own. We don’t follow the norms when it comes to conduct. You can say what you want, be weird, vulgar, and crazy, and no one judges your fitness level or expects anything from you with the exception of your responsibility to your self to to be the best version of YOU! We build confidence and friendship within the community through strength and perseverance. Be different, be you. Come check us out - From personal fitness training to result orientated group training, Positive Fitness promises to get you in the best shape of your life!


What Our Customers Say

It's really motivating to be with other people when working out...that way we're all in pain together!

Haha, but really, Lou knows what he's doing. He works different muscle groups fairly evenly throughout the week but even so, we're always doing different exercises so it's never boring.

Another bonus? The work-outs are only 20-30 minutes. Who doesn't have time for that??

Megan G.

I know you probably think I've vanished, but I wanted to drop a quick note of "thanks" and share that Ethan Mark arrived safely a week ago. I know I tapered off my workouts around Thanksgiving, but I cannot stress enough how important of a role my strength training and pre-pregnancy fitness played in my experience. I definitely believe that core strength, leg strength, etc. kept my energy high, back pain low, and has already helped my recovery 1-week post delivery. I had to have a c-section since the little guy was breech, but again I've had little complaints with recovery. It might make my return to positive fitness ab days a little slower than I would have hoped, but I'm just incredibly thankful for my health and Positive Fitness boot camp made all the difference! So thanks for what you do and make sure to tell any of your clients how much it can make a difference!! See you in a few weeks!

Lauren E.


I hope all is well.

It's been 4 years since I've been to your classes. I'm not sure if you remember me but I was the Chicago transplant consultant who lived in Warsaw 1/2 the week.
Just checking in. I learned lots from you over the years and it popped in my head to do a check in. I'm down 96 pounds. I work out 3-5 times a week and I do yoga! I never thought I'd make it to this point. I must say your encouragement played repeatedly in my head and kept me moving forward. Thank you for being you!


Lou, Thank you for your dedication, your encouragement, your humor and your tenacity! I'm so grateful for you and my 6:30am class of great friends! All the best,

Debbie M.

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